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Rh Factor – RhoGam – 28 weeks

May 5, 2010

Rh Factor. Rhogam. Testing. Rh – Negative…   If you have not read my post about explaining the Rh Factor and whether or not you need to get the Rhogam shot, you might want to check it out:  Rh Factor – The Truth About Rh and Pregnancy.

Testing the baby’s Rh factor is now available prenatally.  For about 38% of women, this means they would not need the 28-week RhoGAM shot!  This is also available for those of you who live in New York!

Here is a quote direct from their website:

The Solution:
® Medical Screening Laboratory, Inc.  is proud to offer an alternative, noninvasive way to assess the fetal RhD status. Using the SEQureDxTM technology, we can now determine the fetal RHD genotype from the mom’s blood. LENETIX® is approved by the New York Department of Health to perform noninvasive RHD genotyping in pregnancies of 15 weeks gestational age or greater. Third trimester injections of RhD immunoglobulin are unnecessary in pregnancies in which the fetus is Rh negative. We estimate that approximately 38% of all Rh negative women may avoid third trimester RhD immunoglobulin (RhoGam) treatment.

RhD Genotyping from
I’m told the testing costs about $500; you probably want to check with your insurance first to make sure they cover it!

Stephanie Stern, MS
Genetic Counselor
Lenetix® Medical Screening Laboratory, Inc.
174 Mineola Boulevard
Mineola, New York 11501
Ph: 516 320-6375
Fax: 516 248-4436
E-mail to username sstern; the domain is

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    July 28, 2022 1:34 pm

    Dear Contrarian Mom 🙂

    the article “Rh Factor – The Truth About Rh and Pregnancy.” is unfortunately unavailable. Would it be possible to publish it again? I believe it contains lots of quality informations. Also, thanks for this amazing website!

    Best wishes,

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