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Acne – How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne, Before & After Pictures

December 12, 2018

Acne Is No Fun – How To Get Rid Of Acne Is A Great Question

By the time I was 24, my face was covered in acne and acne scars.  Over the last 15 yrs and 6 pregnancies… my acne has come and gone multiple times. It’s always been a mystery as to why I had it and why it went away (temporarily).

I never had it as bad as I did when I was in my early twenties until last year – then the acne came back with a vengeance.  My acne was getting worse!  I thought acne went away after the teenage years.  Boy was I wrong.

This time there were some spots that were more like cystic acne.  I was so frustrated and very determined to figure out what was causing it so I could figure out how to make it go away.

The Acne Started Moving To My Chest And Back!

I’ve always known AND even told others, that the liver and the skin are closely related.  But I never really considered my situation when I would say that.  Why? maybe because I have never been on medication (often hard on the liver).  And have a life style that is easy on the liver.  I thought I was an exception.


A neighbor asked me if I had any “acne home remedies” and what I thought might help her son’s acne in his hair (on his scalp) and the acne on his back.  My first response for the acne in his hair/scalp was tea tree oil treatments and apple cider vinegar rinses. No need for expensive shampoos.  Just add tea tree oil to some quality shampoo (find a list of non toxic shampoos on the  And that would really help with the acne in his hair.  There are other essential oils that help with acne – see them here.

Next, I mentioned to her that he should take Milk Thistle (this is the one I use – it’s 1/2 price).  The bottle says to take one a day.


He still hasn’t done anything about his skin.

But I have 🙂

I Was Ready To Really Get Rid Of My Acne!

That same day, I ordered the milk thistle and started taking 3 a day.  (bottle says one a day).   I could tell a difference with in 3 days.  Something started to change.  My face was less inflamed.  My skin was happier.

Wait.   Before I started milk thistle, I started using Joyome skin care from Plexus.  And unfortunately my skin didn’t change.  Then I started taking Milk Thistle capsules and I started seeing improvements.

When my Joyome started to run out, I started looking for a competitor to joyome and found Tula.  I like Tula.  Tula is similar to Joyome in some ways.  They both use a probiotic formulation.  Good for your skin biome – keeping away the bad bacteria and promoting healthy bacteria!  So cool.  And I loved the way Tula feels on my skin.  On the site, it gets a better rating than Joyome.   And you don’t need to find a consultant to buy it, you just go to the Tula website and order.  If you don’t like it, it’s easy to return.

For cleansing I use a gentle soap and an ecloth like this one.  If you don’t wear make up, you could just use an ecloth and no soap.  That would be the most gentle option.

Even Though My Face Had Improved A Lot… I Wasn’t Quite There

My face was still improving.  Using a great skin product and taking 3 capsules daily of milk thistle. My cystic acne on my jawline was gone! I don’t know if you had acne on your jawline – it’s painful.

BUT… it still had a little bit to go.

Then enters B3 – Niacin

Niacin is a B vitamin.  It’s that crazy B vitamin that causes you to flush.  My kids call it the Red Hulk pills.  They think the flush is super cool.  Kids are silly.  I take a 500 mg pill before I fall asleep, every other night.  I swear every morning when I wake up – after taking niacin… my face has improved more.  My skin is more even colored, spots are more healed and texture is smoother.

The flush causes your capillaries to open and blood comes rushing to your skin. Guess what is in your blood???  Yup, oxygen, minerals, vitamins…. all the good stuff that heals.  Good blood flow is vital to health.  When I started researching Niacin… I went down a rabbit trail.  Niacin has been know to help nail and hair growth, help spider veins to disappear, it’s proven to lower cholesterol and some say it works better than the statins they were on.  It’s awesome for cardiovascular health. I’m not sure why it helps with psychiatric patients, but they swear by Niacin.  Their hallucinations disappear when they take niacin.    You can read up on niacin on the NIH website – tons of papers written by doctors.

Before and after acne pictures are coming.  I need to take my after picture and get it up here.  Hold tight.

sshhh  – yes, I’m whispering (the acne on my butt has disappeared too!  *happy dance*)

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