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Best Essential Oils – Young Living vs DoTerra

November 23, 2018
young living vs doterra

Young Living vs DoTerra -Finding The Best Essential Oils.

Does it make a difference if you are using Young Living vs DoTerra?

First, let me say that essential oils are powerful.
They have definitely improved the quality of my life.

When Several Companies Claim To Be The Best Essential Oil Company, How Do You Choose?

Maybe you are researching to see if you should be using Young Living vs DoTerra oils or you already have one and want more info.

Or maybe you have heard about essential oils but have never tried them or maybe you haven’t tried a premium brand…

I use this company: Click Here To See.

“Why do I use this company?!”

Glad you asked 😉


After doing a TON of research and thought I just might be able to find a brand that was amazing OR possibly even better than the Young Living products or doTerra oils <gasp>.  Having used brands in the past, but REALLY wanted to find a brand I could trust that wasn’t an MLM or network marketing company.  I had a suspicion that if I did find such a brand, it would be less expensive than the MLM brands because there is a lot less overhead when you don’t use the MLM model to sell your products.   And I was right.

Doing much research, asking LOTS of questions, and sending emails… I found a essential oil company that has met EVERY expectation of mine.

They are a phenomenal company.

I have been completely impressed with every aspect of their company and product.

Where do I start…

  • highest quality available in the industry – click here to read more
  • GC/MS test results from a verified third-party, independent lab tested
  • 100% pure and authentic
  • bottom of their bottle has individual batch code
  • input that number into their website here to pull up the GC/MS test results
  • 90-Day no hassle product return policy
  • pays for our customers’ return shipping expenses!
  • free domestic shipping
  • 80 single oils, that is MORE than what DoTerra or Young Living offers

They have the best prices on the more pricey oils like frankincense , helichrysum and rose oils.

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