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Time Management | Most Chores Take Less Than 15 Minutes To Complete

October 25, 2011

I “stole” the following from an email I got from the Life Mastery Course:


‘Do something every day, that takes 15 minutes or less, for the
next 30 days that in some SMALL way moves you forward’

Before you start grumbling about the commitment level here (I dare
you to be more wary of commitment than I am),

let me clarify…

I’m not asking you to make enormous changes…I just want to see what
happens when you decide to commit to taking 1 small action every
day for 30 days.

IT SHOULD BE SMALL…the ONLY rule of this Mission is that you must
be able to take this action in 15 minutes or less or it doesn’t
qualify. (And it doesn’t need to take a full 15 minutes
either…that’s just the top time.)

Here are some examples:

– Learn 1 word of Spanish a day (that’s small)

– Call or email 1 person you want to connect or reconnect with

– Walk for 10 minutes

– Walk for 1 minute

– Wake up and actually enjoy a cup of coffee or tea before you leap
into your day

– Write for 10 minutes

– Drink a glass of water (just 1)

– Write a letter to someone (yes a real letter, remember those)

– Touch your toes 10 times (or as close to your toes as you can get)

– Laugh for 1 whole minute (even if you have to start with a fake laugh)

– Take 1 picture

– Eat a piece of fruit

– Sit in silence for 1 minute (or 10)

– Listen to your favorite song

– Pet your cat or dog and really pay attention to them while you do

– Stare into the eyes of someone you love for 1 minute

– Stare into your own eyes for 1 minute

– Wake up and say, ‘Yes’ out loud

You get the idea…

What’s your commitment?

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