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February 10, 2019
ecloth review giveaway

My Ecloth Review (After Nine Years, Six Kids, 1 Husband, Four Homes, And Thousands Of Messes)

I’ve been using the Ecloth for nine years now.

Over the course of that nine years, my six beautiful angels and one beautiful husband have afforded me the ultimate Ecloth review testing ground.  I’ve cleaned up literally every possible human-generated mess imaginable with the Ecloth.  Literally.

Poop, pee, puke, tears, boogies, food, mud, oil, beer, dirt, dander, dust, mold, …etc.  I’ve cleaned those messes on all surfaces imaginable – tile, hardwood flooring, carpet, couches, blankets, counters, windows, cabinets, appliances, toilets, sinks, mirrors…etc.

After all the years, all the messes, I’m left, more than ever, a raving fan of the incredible Ecloth.

At the bottom of this post, I have a video of ecloths removing different types markers off a wall…!

Buying My First Ecloth

I originally found this product looking for a way to stop exposing my family to all the common dangerous, household chemicals.  And of course, the more kids I had, the less free time I had.  Little did I know that looking for a chemical-free way to clean was also going to give me a cleaner house in less time.

Back then, there weren’t any ecloth reviews online.  I never loved the “clean chemical” smell that also comes with chemically-aided cleaning.  It feels wrong to be cleaning your house and harming your body with chemicals at the same time.  AND I never loved buying rolls of paper towels each week.

And…I never loved cleaning.  In fact, I kinda hated it.

I heard about the concept of cleaning with only water and microfiber from a friend who was selling Norwex (read up on my thoughts on Ecloth vs Norwex).  I loved how the Norwex product performed, but I just did not enjoy the network marketing part of it (I know, some people LOVE network marketing…I’m sorry, I’m just not one of them!).  And I did not enjoy the Norwex price points.

In my search 9 yrs ago, I found a dinky little website promising similar results to Norwex, but without the network marketing, and for less money.  Yes, I was skeptical.

I remember buying that first ecloth…

I must have looked at the checkout screen for five minutes, wondering if I should do this. There wasn’t even an ecloth review anywhere on the internet.

Will it work?

Is it lame?

Can it really be as awesome as they website says?

Ugh.  I fill it out, and wait for the mailman to deliver.  I’m sure I’ll hate it. Positive.

Little did I know how my life was about to change.

How The Ecloth Changed My Life

For me, the biggest change was that I started to LIKE cleaning.

Why? Because it was fast now.  I didn’t have to jump through all these hoops to “get ready to clean”.  Wet a cloth, start wiping.  Stop wiping, move on.


I could knock out cleaning in a fraction of the time and even with a baby on my hip or while talking on the phone.  I didn’t have a pile of paper towels at the end.  Kids messes and spills lost their drama.  Messes were no longer intimidating.

And so did the peace of mind. I didn’t have to worry about my littles getting into the “skull and crossbone” drawer anymore, because it didn’t exist. I threw out my chemical cleaners, and never looked back.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  Some parents get a sense of accomplishment from the pile of paper towels, or really connect the chemical cleaning after-smell to a sense of accomplishment.  I respect that.  There are many ways to get a home clean.

For me, with my schedule and lifestyle demands, the Ecloth has been a HUGE lifesaver.  And if you are new here, and you’ve never subscribed to my newsletter, I’d love to offer you a chance to get your own Ecloth…for free!

How To Get A Free Ecloth Right Now

If you have never subscribed to The Contrarian Mom, then you are eligible for my Ecloth Giveaway!

Here’s how to get registered for a chance to win your free Ecloth:

  1. Subscribe to my newsletter below. If I’m on my game, you’ll get a couple of emails per month. If I’m busy, it’s less than that.  Regardless, it’s always a valuable email – coupons, product info, how-to’s, and other stuff that’s going to make your life better. No food selfies (those are by request only 🙂
  2. Wait until the end of the month. I’ll announce the winner (contact you via email you provided), and you will receive a shiny, “straight out of the Ecloth-making machine” new Ecloth in the mail, 100% free. I’ll even cover shipping.

Questions? Thoughts? Post them up, I respond to all comments personally.

– CMom


Removing Permanent Marker From A Wall

How To Clean Stainless Steal Appliances:

3 Comments leave one →
  1. theCmom permalink
    March 19, 2019 3:26 pm

    February’s winner has been picked and emailed! Make sure you enter for March!

  2. Norma Koehn permalink
    February 16, 2019 11:07 am

    how do you wash your cloths? Do you wash them separate? I love them.

    • theCmom permalink
      March 16, 2019 4:19 pm

      I wash with my regular wash, warm water, no softener. Dry in dryer with no dryer sheets. (water softener and dryer sheets “clogged” the ecloth and it start to smell over time).

      If your cloth doesn’t seem clean or smells. You can boil it in a saucepan full of water to force the grime (and residual softener/dryer sheet stuff out).

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