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Best Tasting Chicken (drumsticks)At The Cheapest Price. I’m In LOVE!

November 13, 2018


I like chicken, most people do.

Chicken can be cheap if you buy conventional…  but really, we need be eating the good quality, organic chicken.

So… now the price is NOT cheap.

I kept seeing how much less it cost to buy drumsticks… but who wants to eat drumsticks?  Seriously… they are messy and aren’t very versatile…and don’t taste amazing….  Cheapest way to buy chicken is drumsticks.



I found this super easy, amazing, chicken drumstick recipe.

My kids LOVE them.  I LOVE them.  The hubs is a huge fan.

AND guess what?  I have a bunch of bones for chicken stock that I can whip up in my InstaPot.  Winning.

Ready for this?!

  • Heat oven to 400
  • Put parchment (if you have some) on your cookie sheet.
    Lay the drumsticks on cookie sheet – not touching
  • Drizzle olive oil on all pieces, turn over and drizzle more

Sprinkle the following:

Garlic Powder
Cinnamon  (THIS IS A MUST – trust me)
Cayenne (optional)

Flip chicken and sprinkle the second side.

Stick in oven for about 60 minutes.  I flip them about 1/2 through.

You can tell they are done when you see the chicken pulling away from the bone.


**I often make this when we have dinner guests, because this works if you are gluten free, paleo, keto, or really anything but vegetarian.  Pair it with some type of potato (sweet potato?) and/or a couple veggie sides and your guests will be in heaven. And your house will smell like heaven.**

*You will need a minimum of 2 drumsticks per person. Guys will easily eat 4+

*Costco sells their organic chicken drumsticks for about $9, I think you get about 13-15 pieces

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