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E-Cloth Featured In Real Simple Magazine! Best Microfiber!

April 13, 2012

E-cloth Mop, E-cloth Microfiber and scrubber (Washing Up Pad) have been rated as some of the best microfiber to use to clean your house. Check out the article below to see what Real Simple® Magazine says about the E-cloth® cleaning products.


Click the link below to see the REAL Simple article:

Real Simple Show Best Way To Clean – May 2012 E-Cloth Mop Featured In Real Simple Magazine

E-Cloth Mop Featured In REAL Simple Magazine

And, you may have noticed that Norwex also sells the Antibac Enviro cloth, but Norwex price is higher than Ecloth’s prices.  The Norwex Mop is over twice the price compared to the E-cloth Mop.

Go to to the Cmom facebook page for a discount coupon for more savings!

If you would like to see how and why ecloths work their magic, check this post out.

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