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The Best Baby Gift (IMHO) – Aden Anais Blankets!

January 20, 2012
aden anais swaddle blanket

I love the Aden Anais blankest SO much…that I am going to do a post about them.

Aden Anais (said a-den uh-nay) blankets are seriously one of the best baby gifts you could give someone. Doesn’t matter if they are a new, first time mom or an experienced mom having her 8th baby.  They are 100% muslin cotton. (different than the muslin used for quilting or patterns – this is MUCH softer and a different weave)

So soft and perfect for almost anything you could use a blanket for. Many mothers use them to swaddle their newborn baby with…but you can do much more with the Aden Anais® blankets.

We went to Hawaii last May with our 11 week old and I used the A+A (that is their acronym) blankets all the whole time.  I’m telling you these are the best baby gifts, you can’t have too many.  I use it to cover the carseat to protect our little one from the sun.  When we were on the beach, it was a perfect cover to protect the baby from the wind and sand.  It’s so light weight and breathable, that the baby was never too hot.

They are 47×47 cm – a nice large size.  I use it for a nursing cover, a stroller cover and a carseat cover.

I have had friends ask me the difference between the ones Target sells versus the ones in the Boutiques.

The Aden Anais ‘snobs’ say the Boutique blankets are better,  here is why:

  • Bigger –  Target’s Aden Anais blankets are only 44×44.
  • Better made – rumor has it that the Target blankets are more prone to tears.
  • More Prints – Boutique Aden Anais Swaddle blankets have 4 prints to a package, Target 3 prints with one white/plain blanket.

Of course Amazon sells them.  This is the one that Prince George was swaddled in when he left the hospital.  It was the bird print.

Here is a diagram of how to swaddle, I thought it was really cute 🙂

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