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Pregnancy Books – List of Pregnancy Books

March 26, 2010

Pregnancy Books – it was hard for me to make a decision about pregnancy books and where to invest my hard earned money.  I thankfully came across Helen Wessel’s gem of a book called, “The Joy of Natural Childbirth“.  In my humble opinion, she has one of the best pregnancy books our there.  Wessel’s book can be hard to find sometimes because it is no longer in print… but I normally can find it on Amazon without too much of a a problem. Wessel has a great, encouraging writing style.  I have been so blessed by her and think you will find it helpful, especially  if you have any of these thoughts or questions:

  • fear of giving birth,
  • a natural pregnancy (is that the same as a natural birth?),
  • childbirth pain – is any or all pain avoidable during labor and delivery?
  • the birthing process and what really is happening to your body,
  • how to prepare for childbirth – do our bodies really know how to handle it?
  • and what are all the childbirth methods available and are they safe?
  • is it possible to avoid epidurals and are there complications?

Fear of giving birth was a common thought for me and it must be for most women.  Wessel explains that lack of knowledge creates more fear and fear creates more pain because were resist what is happening.  The more natural pregnancy you can experience, the more one realizes that pregnancy, contractions, labor and delivery were all designed to be experienced by the woman’s body.

Wessel also explains how we have been taught by the ‘church’ that you have to experience pain during childbirth because it is the curse.  I was SO excited to find out that the word pain was translated incorrectly.  It is not mandatory for a women to experience pain during labor or delivery.  It doesn’t mean she won’t, but if given all the information needed, you have a lot better chance at having a more gently, pain-free birth…   read the book for yourself and find this treasure!

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