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Unassisted ChildBirth – My Unassisted Thoughts

January 12, 2010

I find this particular topic rather fascinating, exhilarating and full of adrenaline… with maybe some fear of the unknown tucked in there somewhere…

Having your baby at home with nobody or just the father present is such a different experience than a traditional home birth or a hospital birth.  An unassisted home birth is not really comparable.  Actually all three are quite different.  I think one of the biggest differences in the type of birth you decide to have is the amount of control you choose to give up or keep.

I have had two home births with a midwife and have loved both experiences.  I must admit that even with both births being exceptional – no complaints, I still toy with the idea of having an unassisted childbirth in the future.  I am surprised at my desire for a unassisted childbirth because my midwife is excellent, extremely inexpensive and a friend…

I never realized until recently that my brother was born unassisted and a good friend of mine’s husband was born unassisted (along with his 3 brothers).  Some of these were planned and some unplanned – either way – they all were beautiful, healthy births.  The mothers comment on them as being their favorites!

I think one of the best books I have read on pregnancy and labor -whether you choose to go with the full medical route or the unassisted route or somewhere between is a book called, The Joy of Natural Childbirth.  It is a bit hard to find, but Amazon sometimes will have a copy of it for sale.  Enjoy this great read! (get the most recent version – copyright is 1993)

The Unassissted Childbirth community is growing rapidly for many reasons.  Thankfully, if you choose this route, there are a ton of great resources available to educate yourself with pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-delivery.  You will soon discover how the human body was designed to be pregnant, carry a baby full term and delivery natural and safely with little, to no assistance from the outside world.  It is our fear that creates the majority of the problems.  It would be amazing if one could find out how many problems are brought into existence simply because those problems were feared to begin with…

I would love to hear your comments on the topic of homebirth, unassisted or assisted!  I especially would be interested as to why you think this community is growing so quickly and is getting such attention…

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