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Homemade Dishwashing Detergent Recipe – Natural

October 15, 2009
Dishwasher detergent can be expensive and most of the ones you find in the store are not good for your health or the environment.  I have always wondered if you could make your own detergent and not only would it be healthier, but also cheaper!
I just got this email from my sister-in-law who lives in New Zealand.  I thought you would all enjoy this recipe.  I can not wait to try this diswashing detergernt recipe!
Not sure what you are using for dishwasher detergent but I found this one recipe on-line that I really like, so far it is working great at getting the dishes clean. Thought you might be interested.
1/2 c. Dr. Bronners Castile Liquid Soap
1/2 c. Water
1 tsp. Lemon Juice
3 drops of Tea Tree Oil
1/2 c. White Vinegar
Combine and use 1 TBSP per load.
I may use a little more than this….I just kinda pour some in.

You can get a gallon of Dr. Bronners Soap for $39.73 on, which would last forever. I have also found that a lot of different homemade recipes call for the Dr. Bronners Soap.

If  you are reading this, let me know if you have any other natural detergent recipes that work well.  I’d love to hear your comments 🙂


And there is another solution, that is new to the market call the EcoWash. They have been using this technology in hospitals and institutions for over a decade and it’s just recently been available for the home washing machine.  The EcoWash replaces laundry detergent, bleach and softeners.  It cleans as well or better than detergents and sanitizes your laundry as well.  You can read reviews and see how it works here:

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