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Iodoral – The Truth About Iodoral

March 1, 2009

On this journey of mine…researching and discovering iodine, I have come across Iodoral .  It is a small little pill, easy to take and doesn’t taste bad.  It is a great alternative to taking the iodine tincture – Lugol’s Iodine , which does have a taste and will stain your skin or clothes.  (Lugol’s Iodine is less expensive 🙂

Iodoral is the pill from of Lugol’s Solution.  So, essentially, they provide the same components.  With Lugol’s Iodine, you only need to take five drops to take the same milligrams as one Iodoral Iodine pill provides.  This amount provides 7.5mg of Iodide and 5mg of Iodine.  Natural Living also carries an Iodine in pill form.  They use the Iodoral formulation and also include the nessecary selenium and vitamin B’s you need for good absorbtion.

Our bodies, every cell, have a need for Iodine.  Some parts needs alot more than others.  The thyroid, breast tissue, ovaries and prostate have a much higher need for iodine than other parts of our body.  The thyroid utilizes iodide, where the breast tissue primarily utilizes iodine.  The prostate uses iodine.  The kidneys,  liver, & blood can use either form.   This shows that it is important to take a supplement that has both iodine and iodide in it.

There are some ways you can get iodine naturally in the diet, but few people eat these foods on a regular basis.  Many ocean foods contain iodine, like perch, haddock, cod and seaweed.  And then there are many things in our environment that compete with iodine.

Iodine is classified as a halogen.  There are other halogens that compete with Iodine for the absorbtion in our bodies.  Bromine (Bromide), Florine (Floride), and Chlorine (Chlorine) are the halogens that compete with Iodine.  All of them except for Iodine are toxic to our cells.

So, where are we picking up these halogens that make it almost impossible for our bodies to use the iodine that we might be getting in our diets?  Well, Bromine is commonly found most all bakery products, in some asthma medications, and it is a common chemical used in hottubs and pools. Chlorine is in our pools and drinking water, and Floride is in our toothpaste and water.

Dr. David Brownstein has a book, Iodine: Why you need it, Why you can’t live without it.  It is very informative and easy to read.  He includes many testimonies from his patients that he has seen over the years. 

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