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Too Little or Too Much Sun?

February 23, 2009




Vitamin D.

What’s the deal…why do we LOVE the way we feel when the sun shines on us…but then are told to stay away from it?  Is sunshine really that bad for you? I know that for some reason I feel happier after I have seen the sun – or should I say, after the sun has seen me 🙂

One day I was doing some reading and came across info talking about vit. D (the sunshine vitamin). I was shocked to discover that our bodies turn cholesterol into Vitamin D.  How cool is that?  So, every time you walk outside without sun protection, your body starts turning your own cholesterol into a vitamin that we need.  You don’t have to eat a certain food or take a certain pill…

I just copied the following from wikipedia:

Vitamin D affects the immune system by promoting anti-tumor activity…

Whoa!  Seriously?  Also, they were saying on there vitamin D promotes bone growth and helps your body absorb calcium from your diet.

So, how much sunshine do we need?

…adequate amounts of vitamin D3 can be made in the skin after only ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure at least two times per week to the face, arms, hands, or back without sunscreen.  -Wikipedia

Check this out:

Reduced serotonin levels from stress, lack of sleep & exercise, poor nutrition, and lack of sunlight are connected with ADD, irritability, depression, aggression, anxiety, lack of concentration, chronic pain, restlessness or fatigue, nausea, obsessive-compulsive disorder, weight gain or loss, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, heat intolerance and other syndromes.

Well, I’m convinced…outside to the sunshine I go!

But wait…should I wear sunscreen or not?  Since sunsreen inhibits my skin’s ability to turn cholesterol into vit. D…then I guess I won’t.  I wonder if sunscreen is as bad for you as some say.  Here is a link to some info saying that since we have increased our use of chemical sunscreen – there have been alot of health problems connected to it’s use.  Check this out:

Sunscreen Myth

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